1. doomandgloomfromthetomb:

    Guided By Voices - The Middle East, Boston, Massachusetts, November 3, 1994

    1. A Salty Salute 2. Pimple Zoo 3. Matter Eater Lad 4. Deathtrot And Warlock Riding A Rooster 5. Superwhore 6. Exit Flagger 7. Game Of Pricks 8. Hot Freaks 9. My Son Cool 10. Blimps Go 90 11. Gold Star For Robot Boy 12. The Goldheart Mountaintop Queen Directory 13. Shocker In Gloomtown 14. Striped White Jets 15. Yours To Keep/Echos Myron 16. Watch Me Jumpstart 17. My Valuable Hunting Knife 18. Tractor Rape Chain 19. 14 Cheerleader Coldfront 20. Break Even 21. Motor Away 22. Closer You Are 23. Non-Absorbing 24. My Impression Now 25. Always Crush Me 26. Lethargy 27. Pantherz 28. I Am A Scientist

    Encore: 29. Weed King 30. Smothered In Hugs 31. Buzzards And Dreadful Crows

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  2. dustinweaver:

    If We Wait — by Guided By Voices

    From the EP — Sunfish Holy Breakfast — 1996

    I’m currently posting one Pollard song per Pollard album in chronological order. I’ve excluded several EP’s and singles sofar because I’ll be here forever if I don’t, but I’m including this track off this EP. Why? Well listen to it… That’s why.

  3. l i z a r d p e o p l e

  4. mercurialblonde:

    Batgirl fan art

    I did my own redesign.  As you see, I dropped all the stupid superhero shit and replaced it with Prada.  And rather than her be some rando off the WB street, I made her Valentina.

    See.  It’s better.


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  5. wabisabiforrobots:


    I’ve always wanted to direct a toy commercial like the ones I grew up with.

    Where a woman falls headfirst into a dumpster after being shot off an awning?  

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  6. Got tickets for Boston.

  7. I hope Fan Plan gets this in tomorrow.

  8. transmissionsgeekroom:

    A Hulk and his shrink.

    Incredible Hulk #227, September 1978
    Sal Buscema and Roger Stern

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  9. Finally.


  11. Yaybo! (goin’ for the Haley face)

  12. Went up Lyon Mountain. 

  14. negativepleasure:

    TONIGHT:  negative pleasure radio 7-9pm on www.newtownradio.com

    hosted by harris and claire

    tracks by thunderclaw, outrun europa, waveshaper, micron diamond, babefield, chance the rapper, death grips, tony tuff, limited impressions, king tubby and more…

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  15. globochem:

    All of the entertainment options I seem to be way into right now are podcast based, and mostly out of the Earwolf family. A bunch of this stuff is old news to those of you who have been on the bus for these from day 1, or can weirdly keep up with everything as its new, so forgive me if this is…

    Earwolf makes life better.