2. jkparkin:

    Jeff Smith’s RASL is, literally, coming to Comic-Con. Look for this statue, which first appeared when the Columbus College of Art and Design hosted a RASL gallery exhibition, at the Cartoon Books booth.

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    • Sage
    • The Hellfire Club
    • The Inner Circle
    • Jason Wyngarde (again)
    • Sebastian Shaw
    • Harry Leland
    • Emma Frost
    • Donald Pierce
    • Hegemony and social politics of the Hellfire Club
    • 18th Century bondage cosplay
    • Kitty Pryde
    • The worst disco ever
    • Alison Blaire
    • Tiny shorts
    • How to make WolverIne work
    • Sexual politics of the Dark Phoenix
    • Why Magneto’s powers are broken post-AvX
    • The P.E.N.I.S. five

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    I’m a real philanthropist sometimes.

  5. Yo check that corner box. Blood Stone hunt was tops.

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    Purple pants ride!

    Defenders #60, June 1978
    Ed Hannigan and David Kraft

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    Dig Dug!!

  10. Wm. Berger presents My Castle of Quiet: Playlist from June 25, 2014

    - WFMU’s House of Horrors returns, with MORE film scores, MORE Kosmische/Krautrock, extreme/underground metal, and punk; commentary, and live guests from music and film. Alles NOT okay, but it’s okay.

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    Hey friends and lovers! This week on Travis Bickle On The Riviera, regular host Sally Agoraphobia is joined by Alexandria Bulgamazov and eleven-time caller Gus Christopher Montreaux Jeske to talk about Edge of Tom, Alec Baldwins thru the 90’s, Man on Fire, Halt and…

    the only movie podcast

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  14. keaneoncomics:

    There’s been a minor meme going around Tumblr along the lines of “hey, wouldn’t be cool/funny if Steve Rogers was able to lift Thor’s hammer?”

    Kids, it’s actual comic book canon. As Mike Sterling helpfully explains:

    Captain America proves that he is worthy enough to lift Thor’s hammer, from Thor #390 (April 1988) by Tom DeFalco, Ron Frenz, and Brett Breeding. This was from a period in Captain America’s history when he had resigned his usual superhero identity and became “The Captain,” independent of any government agency, in case you were wondering what was up with the costume.

    So off you go to eBay, young’uns.

    The Captain!

    (Source: goodcomics.comicbookresources.com)

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