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    G.I. Joe: The Atlantis Factor, NES.

    sick game

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    this doesn’t look eerie and dreadful at all

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    Two Thirds of the Trypticon Triptych.

    it’s all about Bazooka.

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    FF #112:

    Maybe the Hulk should look for his missing exclamation points while he’s at it.

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    TONIGHT: negative pleasure radio 7-9pm on www.newtownradio.com

    hosted by harris and claire

    tracks by barftroop, diffakult, electric orange, drab majesty, yuko yuko, camera, big black, thin lizzy, temples, insides, cosmetics and more…


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    Hello, friends and neighbors. It is that time of year when the leaves begin to change, a bite appears in the air, and the Monster Cereals are available again for a limited time. The time of year when normal people get the urge to watch scary movies on Netflix.

    So, as I did…

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    Boards of Canada - Everything you do is a balloon (CBT Cover)

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    my scary pumpkin.


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  13. Been making up for my self imposed exile and/or lack of social interaction with much hiking over the summer.  For my own sense of accomplishment I now list the Summer 2014 destinations…

    - Poke-O-Moonshine (solo bolo)

    - Owen, Copperas and Winch Ponds (w/Liz)

    - Sawyer Mountain (w/Liz, Tatonka, Kate and Anna)

    - Owls Head (solo bolo)

    - Gulf Unique Area (s.b.)

    - Hurricane Mountain (s.b.)

    - Split Rock Wilderness Area (northern trail loop) (s.b.)

    - Lyon Mountain (s.b)

    - Pointe Au Roche (w/Liz)

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    RADIO: negative pleasure radio 7-9pm on www.newtownradio.com

    hosted by harris and claire

    tracks by black rain, clipping, the bug, death grips, danny brown, ab-soul, lia ices, lhasa mencur, blvck ceiling, diffakult, ashrae fax, laurie anderson, yuko yuko, le cassette and more…

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    Items From The Bubble Gum Vault

    Marvel Sugar Free Gum And Comic

    Circa 1978

    Marvel Presents Sub Mariner

    fucking birds