2. Don’t Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)

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    Out of every pun and play on words I’ve seen on this site, this is the one that makes me so unreasonably angry.

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    The Iron Rose (La Rose de Fer) | Jean Rollin | 1973

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    Namco’s Rolling Thunder

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    Mountain climbing with The Man-Thing.

    Man-Thing #2, January 1980
    Jim Mooney, Bob Wiacek,
    and Michael Fleisher

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    FF #114:

    An important ad depicting a civilian getting injured by boxes interrupts your regularly-scheduled superheroes getting injured by equally-dumb objects.

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    First mistake everyone makes is underestimating Spider-Man.

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    Higher res version here.

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  13. Howards has gotta be my tops comic book hero right now.

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    So, anyway, we’re living in a dystopian future where there’s just endless cycles of competing super-hero movies.

    we’re doomed

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