1. Time to make some Pizza.

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  2. Listen to: Ragdoll by iris

  3. transmissionsgeekroom:

    We drank too much last night.

    Incredible Hulk #211, May 1977
    Sal Buscema and Len Wein

    what’s hte deal w/ doctor druid?!

  4. whats the deal with chief?

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  5. evandorkin:

    Asbury Park Comic Con Commission: Milk & Cheese as Captain America and Bucky. App. 14” by 17”. 

    what’s hte deal with pokemons?

  6. what’s the deal with Scully?

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  7. universalmonsterstribute:

    Creature From The Black Lagoon (1954)

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  8. the-spinner-rack:

    Iron Man #9 Cover by George Tuska & Johnny Craig, 1969

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  9. Wm. Berger presents My Castle of Quiet: Playlist from April 16, 2014

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    Doctor Doom’s Escape
    THE AVENGERS #1.5 (Dec. 1999)
    Art by Bruce Timm
    Words by Roger Stern

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  11. seanhowe:

    The Talking View-Master Spider-Man Gift Pak, 1977

    This was my first exposure to the Black Widow.

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    Hey you, there’s a new movie podcast by Tucker Stone and I up over at the Factual Opinion. This week on Travis Bickle on the Riviera: we discuss the new Captain America: A Winter’s Tale movie that people won”t shut up about, the Schindler’s List jokes in Grand Budapest Hotel, one of us saw The Raid 2, what Russ Meyer was doing during the Normandy Invasion, and go hard-sell on why we love Noah.

    Tell your friends, force it on your enemies, review the fucking thing on itunes, CHECK THAT SHIT OUT.

    You can download episodes directly from itunes and rss.

    A N G E L W A R Z F O R E V E R Z

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    Dragon Killer by Jim Rugg

    this print is suuuuuuuch a stunner

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